Monday, January 7, 2013

Vintage Jackstone

When I was in grade school, computer games are not that trending. We often spend afternoons in playing hide and seek, flying kites, and playing indoor games.

my favorite indoor game was playing Jackstone. The game is played with ten stars and a ball. Players can only use one hand to play the game. The game has ten parts or "stages".

In the first stage, the player throws the stars on the ground. She throw the ball upward. She need to pick up a star from the ground and then catch the ball after it bounce. This is done again until there are no stones on the ground.

The second stage is the same with the first stage except that the player needs to pick up two stones at once before the stone which was thrown falls down. The third and the fourth stages are the same.

Also there are several rules;
The player is out if they touch any star that they were not supposed to touch.
The player is out if they do not catch the ball in the air or if it bounce more than once.

If a player is out, the next person gets the turn.

I was inspired simply rins vintage christmas nail art. But instead of painting Christmas ornaments, I paint Jacktone ball and stars.

I paint 2 stars on each of my nail and the ball in my index finger using white acrylic paint.

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