Friday, November 23, 2012

Erica's Nail Art Challenge (Day 8) - Gradient Nails

Day 8 is gradient nails. Sponging is the most popular technique in creating this kind of nails. But for my nail art, I used my least favorite brush, the fan brush.

I put some drops of 2 different polish on a piece of paper and by using a fan brush, I transfer it to my nails. I first try to transfer it on the paper.

See the gradient effect?

I first apply petroleum jelly on the skin around my nails. This is the outcome when i transfer the polish in my nails:

Like water marble technique, nail polish around the nails are easy to clean when you apply petroleum jelly around it.

I stamped the blue flower on top of the gradient nails..

Hope you like it!!!

- Nail Engineer


  1. Pretty! I like the stamping, nice touch :-)

    1. Thanks Kelli!!! It took me several trials to perfect stamping technique...