Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fountain Pen Nail Art

There is a new innovation in nail art - using a Fountain Pen.

I bought my first set of Fountain pen last friday, and I can't wait to try it...
My fountain pen set contains:

Two pen holders with different diameters
5 different nibs
Fountain pens for nail art uses a special ink called acrylic ink for the designs.. Sadly, I did not purchase an ink because of its price.. I am thinking of a substitute for acrylic ink when I saw my technical pen on my desk.. Then I try its ink and it works.. :)

Rotring technical pen ink
Nibs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes..

Pen nibs and their dimensions

I cant wait to try it!!! I created a nail art on my friend's nails..

nail art using fountain pen
Fountain pens are so cool in creating a nail art. Unlike nail art brushes, they are like ordinary pens so you can draw small details in your nails. You don't need to add pressure when using it. I guess they are perfect to my future nail art designs.


  1. Nice post I wanted to know where can I buy the pen from and I saw on ebay they sell the ink for 9.00 for 12 of them. Is it a great deal?

    1. Its a good deal... you can buy fountain pen on bookstores.. :)